Noxion LED Highbay Ecowhite

Noxion LED Highbay Ecowhite

The LED Highbay Ecowhite is an industrial pendant luminaire which can be used as a basic light in warehouses, halls, and production areas with a height of 4 t0 14 meters. The Highbay Ecowhite has an efficiency up to 130 lumens per watt, with a minimum of 50% energy savings when replacing 250W and 400W HPL/ HID/ HPI/ HQL luminaires. The LED Highbay Ecowhite is available in two models of beam angle 120 or 90 degrees and two different wattages: 100W or 200W.

Thanks to the IP65 and IK08 classifications, the luminaires is splash- and dust-resistant, which makes maintenance unrequired even in the most demanding environments. A 0-10V dimming function can be used to control the luminous intensity, which helps yield energy savings of up to 90%. Integrating the Highbay Ecowhite in the building management system is also possible. With low maintenance and replacement costs, you are guaranteed to great energy savings and short payback period.


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EAN Product name Qty per box Qty per pallet Quantity
8719157030922 Noxion LED Highbay Ecowhite 100W 840 90° 1-10V DIM Black 1 0
8719157030939 Noxion LED Highbay Ecowhite 100W 840 120° 1-10V DIM Black 1 0
8719157030946 Noxion LED Highbay Ecowhite 200W 840 90° 1-10V DIM Black 1 0
8719157030953 Noxion LED Highbay Ecowhite 200W 840 120° 1-10V DIM Black 1 0
8719157030960 Noxion LED Highbay Ecowhite Bracket holder 10 0

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