Noxion - Best in class lighting



In the millennium year of 2000, Noxion saw the light in Eindhoven, the city of lights. In the past 16 years, the company has laid its focus on ODM, OEM, and distribution activities for leading European labels and importers. In 2015, the brand Noxion Lighting was launched to serve European lighting wholesalers.

Management philosophy

The European lighting market is changing rapidly, and quality can no longer be taken for granted. To guarantee quality, we manufacture LED lighting that does not only comply with European laws and regulations today, but also tomorrow, without any EMC risks and a no-nonsense warranty policy. Partners and users of Noxion lighting can use the products for many years, without any concerns.

Due to decennials of experience and expertise, Noxion knows like no other how an additional value can be offered. Optimized production processes and rigorous quality management guarantee quality, as well as a short ROI period due to a good quality to price ratio. A principled, dynamic, and refreshing policy guarantees the quality of our collaboration, for we treat our relations the way we would want to be treated.

We always fulfill our promises, so Noxion partners will be assured of a portfolio with a great quality-price ratio, certifications, supply chain control, warranty conditions, and project support, in word and deed. Our focus lies on the core values: trust and reliability. We can proudly state that we have been inspired by Robert Bosch´s quote: ‘Lieber Geld verlieren als vertrauen’ (‘I’d rather lose money than trust’).  

We focus on a win-win relationship on a long-term basis. It is not without reason that we are currently the fastest growing lighting brand in Europe. Over 80 years of management experience and a close-knit team of professionals guarantee a lasting and profitable collaboration between your business and Noxion Lighting.



Producing energy efficient LED solutions that do not only comply with European laws and regulations today, but also tomorrow, and which offer our European partners a justifiable competitive advantage, is what forms Noxion Lighting’s core mission.


Noxion Lighting strives to become the supplier of preference for European lighting wholesalers within 3 years.

Core values

At Noxion we follow a code of conduct in line with our vision. These values and standards derive from our philosophy, our way of production, ethical values, brand promises, the general public, and our competition. There is only one way to become the supplier of preference: through trust, sharing norms and values, common goals, and consequent core words.

  • Reliability
    Trust and reliability come first. All our products come with a 3, 5, or 7-year warranty. Noxion draws inspiration from Robert Bosch’s quote - ‘Lieber Geld verlieren als Vertrauen’ (‘I’d rather lose money than trust’).
  • Innovative
    Noxion believes that challenging the status quo is a way to always keep introducing innovative products. The underlying idea is of course to create new possibilities for our partners. We strive to create innovative, energy efficient, and sustainable LED products, which allow users to have a good lighting experience, but which also yield huge savings on energy costs.
  • Decisive
    Our ample experience makes Noxion open-minded and flexible. This allows us to react quickly and offer tailor-made lighting solutions to clients. Noxion also contributes at the strategic level and aims at a win-win relationship.



  • Quality products with up to 7-year warranties;
  • CE, EMC, ENEC, TÜV-GS certificates;
  • Market protection through selective distribution policies;
  • Project support and project protection;
  • Attractive purchasing conditions, so you can always win despite the competition;
  • Marketing contribution and year incentives;
  • Always sufficient supply to boost your business!