Indoor car parks

Indoor car parks

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Because of the increasing lack of space in urban areas, parking tends to be increasingly resolved within a building itself. Parking in an indoor car park needs to comply with many requirements and desires regarding accessibility, capacity, safety, amenities, etcetera. Moreover, lighting in indoor car parks tends to be turned on day and night. Safety and sustainability of the lighting installation, therefore, play crucial parts. The vast majority of indoor car parks use fluorescent lighting. Downsides of fluorescent lighting are for example the lifespan and energy consumption. By switching to LED lighting, you do not only guarantee energy savings, but the lifespan of LED luminaires also yields considerable savings on maintenance and replacement costs. An additional benefit of LED lighting is that it improves the lighting quality and by that, the lighting comfort for visitors and personnel. Lighting in indoor car parks is responsible for over 60% of the energy consumption. It is, therefore, obvious that large savings can be achieved. Replacing fluorescent lamps and luminaires with water- and dust-resistant LED luminaires can save 60% to 90% on energy costs. Since lighting in indoor parking lots is turned on for an average of 7000 hours a year, switching to LED lighting guarantees a short payback period. In most situations, monthly savings are so high that a lighting installation pays for itself after only one year. This makes it more interesting to equip your car park with LED luminaires. A point worth mentioning here is that maximum efficiency can only be achieved using a professional lighting plan, in which professional LED luminaires are applied by licensed professionals. On this page, you will find the most important point of attention for lighting in indoor car parks. For more information, request a lighting plan without any commitment at the bottom of the page.

Type of area, task or activity
(indoor car parks)
illuminance uniformity on the task area
color rendering
Specific requirements
In/out ramps (during the day) 300 25 0,40 40 1. Illuminances at floor level.
2. Safety colors shall be recognizable.
In/out ramps (at night) 75 25 0,40 40 1. Illuminances at floor level.
2. Safety colors shall be recognizable.
Traffic lanes 75 25 0,40 40 1. Illuminances at floor level.
2. Safety colors shall be recognizable.
Parking areas 75 - 0,40 40 1. Illuminances at floor level.
2. Safety colors shall be recognizable.
3. A high vertical illuminance increases recognition of people’s faces and therefore, the feeling of safety.
Ticket office 300 19 0,60 80 1. Reflections in the windows shall be avoided.
2. Glare from outside shall be prevented.
Corridors 100 25 0,40 80 1. Illuminance on the steps
Elevator, for employees and visitors 100 22 0,60 80 - Illuminance at floor level
Service lift 200 22 0,60 80 - Illuminance at floor level




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Areas of application

Switching to LED lighting

When switching to LED lighting, various factors should be taken into account. A switch to LED lighting is relatively easy, although it should be done in a well-thought and professional manner. A good lighting plan for car parks can easily yield savings of thousands of euros. By making right and professional investments in lighting installations, huge savings on the long and short term can be realized. When making the switch to LED lighting for your car park, you should, therefore, always make sure to get professionally advised to fully make use of the energy savings potential. Lighting in indoor car parks plays an important part for the drivers’ safety. This is why it is important that the applicable requirements for indoor car parks are met. Lighting is an essential part of indoor car parks. A uniform light distribution leads to recognizable vehicles, people, and signage. Indoor car parks are dark spaces that are difficult to illuminate. The quality and positioning of the LED luminaires are deal-breakers. To meet the standard, one can position the luminaires as follows: parking spaces: install 1 LED luminaire for every 2 parking spaces, halfway across the parking space and parallel to the traffic lane. Traffic lane: install 1 LED luminaire for every 2 parking spaces, midway above the traffic lane.


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