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When we talk about lighting advice for the housing sector we mean residential houses, apartment buildings, condominiums (flats), and other housing in which people live. In the housing sector, aspects such as comfort and safety are very important. When switching to LED lighting in the housing sector these factors should therefore always be taken into consideration. Lighting is responsible for approximately 15% of the total energy consumption. In the housing sector, switching to LED lighting can yield minimum savings of 50%, and when new technologies are applied these savings can increase even up to 90%. Besides more comfort and a higher safety degree, the switch to LED lighting, therefore, has the great additional benefit of energy savings. A solid and well-founded lighting advice is important here. Better lighting also improves a more modern environment. Examine this page to obtain a good overview of the benefits of LED lighting for your building or house and read more about improving comfort, safety, and achieving maximum energy savings. Noxion, in cooperation with a wholesaler and/or the installer, will always give lighting advice without any commitment and can take the switch to LED lighting completely off your hands.

Type of area, task or activity
(housing sector)
illuminance uniformity on the task area
color rendering
Entrance 100 22 0,40 80
Corridors 100 25 0,40 80
Elevators 100 22 0,60 80
Service lift 200 22 0,60 80
Stairs (on the steps) 100 25 0,40 80




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Switching to LED lighting

When switching to LED lighting, various factors should be taken into account. A switch to LED lighting is relatively easy, although it should be done in a well-thought and professional manner, especially for environments in which comfort and safety play an important role. For the achievement of maximum energy savings, special attention should be given to the lighting comfort. In short, realizing maximum energy savings with LED lighting should always go hand-in-hand with the improvement of the visual aspects of lighting, to reach the intended goals for an application field. It is also wise to work with sensors for maximum energy savings. Since, on a yearly basis, most apartment buildings have their lights turned on a huge amount of hours, there are great results to be obtained with the combination of LED lighting and sensors. When making the switch to LED lighting for the housing sector, you should therefore always make sure to get professionally advised.


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