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In Europe, high numbers of people use their evenings and weekends to spend time at cafes and restaurants to socialize and relax. On holiday, many stay at hotels to rest. In hotel & catering environments, it is important to determine beforehand what the aim of the lighting and its effect on the ambiance should be. Is it important that visitors stay for a long time? Or would it be better if people eat and drink rapidly, then hurry to the exit so new guests can take their seats. Each concept is different. Lighting directly affects the degree of hospitality and client satisfaction. A relaxed atmosphere is created in a different way than a luxurious or modern ambiance. Some corners ask for the expression of various different ambiances. A hotel lobby needs a different ambiance than a hotel room or a dining room in a restaurant. Something can be said about each application, and therefore lighting advice in this kind of environments initially considers the aimed purpose of the new LED installation. The purpose needs to be achieved through a good balance between aesthetic as well as functional lighting, in which aesthetic lighting is decisive for the overall atmosphere within the application area. In the hotel and catering industry, lighting accounts for 36% of the energy consumption, followed by the cooling of a room which accounts for 29%. It is assumable that in certain environments, lighting also makes extra cooling necessary. When taking an objective look at it, we then see that switching to LED lighting for the hotel and catering industry yields huge energy savings. These savings easily increase to up to 50% a year, and by using new technologies even up to 80%. Since establishments in the hotel and catering industry tend to be opened 365 days a year and use plenty of lighting during the day, the payback period for a lighting installation is usually less than 2 years. On this page, you will read more about the guidelines for lighting in the hotel and catering industry. Examine this page to obtain a good overview of the benefits of LED lighting for your building. Noxion, in cooperation with a wholesaler and/or the installer, will always give lighting advice without any commitment and can take the switch to LED lighting completely off your hands.

The standards for the hotel and catering industry for maintained illuminance (Ēm) in lux, glare rate (UGRL),illuminance uniformity on the task area (Uo), and color rendering (Ra) according to the IEC NEN-EN 12464-1 are given below, listed by type of area, task or activity.

Type of area, task or activity
(hotel and catering industry)
illuminance uniformity on the task area
color rendering
Reception 300 22 0,60 80
Kitchen 500 22 0,60 80
Restaurant, dining room, and function room - - - 80 (Lighting designer/ lighting architect is free to create the appropriate atmosphere.)
Self-service restaurant 200 22 0,40 80
Buffet 300 22 0,60 80
Conference rooms 500 19 0,60 80
Corridors 100 25 0,40 80




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Switching to LED lighting

The switch to LED lighting requires various factors to be taken into account. A switch to LED lighting is relatively easy, although it should be done in a well-thought and professional manner, especially for environments in which ambiance and hospitality play important parts. Undermining ambiance factors and the aimed additional emotional value of lighting can be called irresponsible in some way. When making the switch to LED lighting for the hotel and catering industry, you should therefore always make sure to get professionally advised.


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