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In the healthcare industry, lighting is an important factor for the well-being of patients and caregivers. Especially light comfort, as well as functional and aesthetic aspects, are highly important. Lighting is responsible for over 42% of the energy bill of health institutions. This is mostly caused by the fact that hospitals are opened day and night and need lighting all the time. The huge energy consumption means there is a great energy savings potential and a very short payback time of the LED installation. It is of great importance that no concessions are made to the image and aesthetic aspects. Within this application area, one should also take people’s biorhythm (day-night rhythm/sleep cycle) into account as much as possible. All in all, health institutions can highly profit from a switch to LED lighting. Profit can be made with regard to human factors, as well as energy savings of at least 60%. This can increase to even more by applying various new techniques. On this page, you will read more about lighting guidelines for health institutions, under which is understood: hospitals, dental clinics, general medical practices, delivery rooms, etcetera. Take a look at this page to get a good picture of the benefits of LED lighting for your institution. Noxion, in cooperation with a wholesaler and/or the installer, will always give lighting advice without any commitment and can take the switch to LED lighting completely off your hands.

The standards for healthcare institutions for maintained illuminance (Ēm) in lux, glare rate (UGRL), illuminance uniformity on the task area (Uo), and color rendering (Ra) according to the IEC NEN-EN 12464-1 are given below, listed by type of area, task or activity.

Type of area, task or activity (healthcare industry) Ēm
illuminance uniformity on the task area
color rendering
Waiting rooms 200 22 0,40 80
Corridors, during the day and while cleaning (illuminance at floor level) 100 22 0,40 80
Corridors: during the night(illuminance at floor level) 50 22 0,40 80
Corridors with multi-purpose use(illuminance at task/activity level) 200 22 0,60 80
Corridors and waiting rooms (illuminance at floor level) 100 22 0,60 80
Elevator, for employees and visitors (illuminance at floor level) 100 22 0,60 80
Service lifts(illuminance at floor level) 200 22 0,60 80
Staff office 500 19 0,60 80
Other staff rooms 300 19 0,60 80
General lighting for examination rooms 500 19 0,60 90 (4000K K < TCP < 5000K)
Examination and treatment rooms 1000 19 0,70 80-90
Reading and color vision tests with vision charts 500 16 0,70 90
Treatment rooms for:        
- dialysis (dimmable lighting) 500 19 0,60 80
- dermatology 500 19 0,60 90
- endoscopy 300 19 0,60 80
- plaster rooms 300 19 0,60 80
- massage and radiotherapy 300 19 0,60 80




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Switching to LED lighting

When switching to LED lighting, various factors should be taken into account. A switch to LED lighting is relatively easy, although it should be done in a well-thought and professional manner, especially for environments in which work with people is realized and an extra emphasis on human factors is needed. For the achievement of maximum energy savings, special attention should be given to lighting comfort. In short, realizing maximum energy savings with LED lighting should always go hand-in-hand with the improvement of the visual task. Undermining the human factors of lighting can be called irresponsible in some way. When making the switch to LED lighting for your health institution, you should, therefore, make sure to always get professionally advised.


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