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It is no secret that lighting greatly affects students’ performances and well-being at school. This makes much sense: a luminaire with a large amount of glare (UGR value) can cause light nuisance, while a flickering luminaire can cause fatigue, headaches, and even seizures. Besides the human factors of lighting, we should all consider the energy costs of lighting in educational institutions. Lighting in educational institutions accredits for about 30% of the energy consumption. Educational institutions, therefore, have a great energy savings potential. Traditional light sources such as fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps are mainly used. Apart from light, these light sources also create heat, which makes it necessary to further regulate the temperature using air conditioning. Other downsides of fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps are maintenance and replacement costs. Due to a short lifespan of these light sources, they have to be replaced frequently. For defects and maintenance checks, usually, an installer is required, with all accompanying costs, while for LED lighting mentioned costs can be discarded due to their long lifespan and minimal to no maintenance. Switching to LED lighting easily yields 50% energy savings, and by applying new technologies such as motion sensors energy consumption can be reduced up to 80%. Energy savings between 50% and 80% guarantee a very short payback period for your LED lighting. The switch to LED lighting does not only improve visual comfort and student and teacher performances, it moreover saves energy up to 80%. Both are highly important factors. On this page you will read more about the guidelines for school lighting, so you will be provided with more insight into the benefits of LED lighting for your educational institution. Noxion, in cooperation with a wholesaler and/or the installer, will always give lighting advice without any commitment and can take the switch to LED lighting completely off your hands.

The standards for educational institutions for maintained illuminance (Ēm) in lux, glare rate (UGRL),illuminance uniformity on the task area (Uo), and color rendering (Ra) according to the IEC NEN-EN 12464-1 are given below, listed by type of area, task or activity.

Type of area, task or activity
(education sector)
illuminance uniformity on the task area
color rendering
Playroom (nursery school) 300 22 0,40 80
Handicraft room 300 22 0,40 80
Classrooms, study rooms 300 19 0,40 80
Classrooms for evening classes and adults education 500 19 0,60 80
Demonstration table 500 19 0,70 80
Art rooms in art schools 750 19 0,70 90 (5000K K < TCP < 6000K)
Technical drawing rooms 750 16 0,70 80
Practical rooms and laboratory environments 500 19 0,60 80
Handicraft rooms (from high school) 500 19 0,60 80
Practice rooms 500 19 0,60 80
Entrance halls 200 22 0,40 80
Corridors 100 25 0,40 80
Stairs 150 25 0,40 80
Common rooms 200 22 0,40 80
Teachers rooms 300 19 0,60 80
Library: book shelves 200 19 0,60 80
Library: study areas 500 19 0,60 80
Stockrooms for teaching materials 100 25 0,40 80
Gymnasiums, swimming pools 300 22 0,40 80
Kitchen 500 22 0,60 80




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Switching to LED lighting

When switching to LED lighting, various factors should be taken into account. A switch to LED lighting is relatively easy, although it should be done in a well-thought and professional manner, especially for environments in which is worked with children and adolescents who are expected to have a high concentration level. When creating a lighting plan, it is important to find the right balance between energy savings and lighting comfort. In short, realizing maximum energy savings with LED lighting should always go hand-in-hand with the improvement of the visual task, ergo human factors. Undermining the human factors of lighting can be called irresponsible in some way, especially in education. When making the switch to LED lighting for your educational institution, you should therefore always make sure to get professionally advised.


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