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High-quality barn lighting is required for a pleasant and safe execution of work activities in barns and for animal welfare. Within the agricultural sector, barns are usually illuminated by high-pressure sodium or metal-halide lamps. The transition to LED lighting in the agricultural sector is on the uprise. LED is slowly becoming the standard. Especially for new barns, LED is chosen more and more often and a clear shift can be noticed in renovation projects. Livestock holders understand well that LED lighting (or artificial lighting) has a large impact on animal performance. Moreover, better lighting leads to a higher fertility, animal welfare, and productivity. Another benefit of LED barn lighting is that LED does not need any warm-up time: the lights function at full power as soon as they’re switched on. It is also possible to connect only a part of the barn, through which high savings can be achieved. Furthermore, there is no high input power when switched on. Noxion luminaires are also shock, impact, and ammonia proof, which is an absolute requirement for barns. Thanks to the powerful characteristics, Noxion barn lighting requires minimal to no maintenance. The use of high-pressure sodium and metal-halide lamps is also highly energy inefficient, which means switching to LED can lead to huge savings. Smart dimming techniques can control the luminous intensity and extend the day rhythm, which causes animals to become more vital. Altogether, a switch to LED lighting in the agricultural sector can realize energy savings of 50% up to 90% and a better working and living environment. It is always recommended to have a specialized party or installer set up a good lighting plan. On this page you will read more about the guidelines for barn lighting, so you will acquire more insight into the benefits of LED lighting for your barn. Noxion, in cooperation with a wholesaler and/or the installer, will always give lighting advice without any commitment and can take the switch to LED lighting completely off your hands.

The standards for barn lighting for maintained illuminance (Ēm) in lux, glare rate (UGRL),illuminance uniformity on the task area (Uo), and color rendering (Ra) according to the IEC NEN-EN 12464-1 are given below, listed by type of area, task or activity.

Type of area, task or activity
(barn lighting)
illuminance uniformity on the task area
color rendering
Loading and operating of goods, handling equipment and machinery 200 25 0,40 80
Buildings for livestock 50 - 0,40 40
Sick animal pens; calving stalls 200 25 0,60 80
Dairy production; utensil washing 200 25 0,60 60




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Switching to LED lighting

When switching to LED lighting, various factors should be taken into account. A switch to LED lighting is relatively easy, although it should be done in a well-thought and professional manner, especially for environments in which animal welfare and animal health play an important part. Moreover, for the achievement of maximum energy savings, special attention should be given to the lighting comfort and the luminous intensity. Aspects such as day length and color temperature have an impact. It is also wise to work with sensors for maximum energy savings. Since most lighting in the agricultural sector is turned on a huge amount of hours on a yearly basis, there are great results to be obtained with the combination of LED lighting and sensors. In short, to realize a uniform barn lighting installation, it is important that a thorough and well-thought lighting calculation and a lighting plan are made to obtain maximum lighting comfort and energy savings. When making the switch to LED lighting for barns, you should therefore always make sure to get professionally advised.


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