Switching to LED lighting

Adequate solutions for every application.

Areas of application

Office Office

Office lighting contributes to the performance and wellbeing of office personnel.

Industry & Logistics Industry & Logistics

High quality lighting in industrial environments is very important for the productivity and safety of employees.

Healthcare Healthcare

Lighting in healthcare institutions is an important factor for the wellbeing of patients and caregivers.

Education Education

Lighting has a large effect on the performance and wellbeing of students at school.

Shop & Retail Shop & Retail

Lighting in the shop & retail sector contributes to the image, leads to shopping fun and positive feelings for the visitor.

Hotel & Catering Hotel & Catering

Hotels and restaurants attract huge numbers of visitors that come to socialize and relax. How can lighting be used to create good ambience, so customers will want to come back?

Housing Housing

Comfort, ambience, and safety are important aspects for houses, apartment buildings, flats, and other housing. LED lighting can be used to meet these needs.

Barns Barns

Better lighting leads to higher fertility, animal wellbeing, and productivity.

Indoor car parks Indoor car parks

Lighting in indoor car parks is often turned on day and night. Because of this there is a huge energy savings potential, and by using smart techniques savings up to 90% are realizable.